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Related article: Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2009 23:45:08 -0700
From: Frank Oliva
Subject: Easter at West Street Beach in LagunaWhen I was in graduate school at UCI it did not take me long to find one of
the hottest cruising spots for both gorgeous men in Speedo swimsuits and
great cruising in the bushes by the rocks -- South Laguna's fabled West
Street Beach. I don't know how long it had been a must see Gay Hot Spot,
but in 1978 it was the hottest place for eye-candy and sex and tricking
that I had ever seen.Unlike most places with summer flair, the best weather in Laguna comes
after Labor Day rather than before it. Since classes at UCI wouldn't start
until the latter part of September, I practically had the whole month to
play on the beach and in the bushes younger porno video and play I young clips porn
did. I was there
practically every day and it was a bad day if I did not meet someone to
suck off in the secluded areas or even in the surf and young film tgp who wasn't more than
willing to return the favor. Sometimes I'd even start fooling around on
the beach with some guy and then he'd ask me to his house or his motel room
or we'd just do something in his car, scary but sometimes the hottest sex
was the car sex. There were many stairs to walk down to the beach but
sometimes as the fall days got shorter I'd meet someone on the steps while
leaving and it did not take long for us to remove our Speedos lube up my
cock and his ass and fuck right there on the stairs casually acknowledging
the other men who were passing and usually would stop and join or at least
start jacking their dicks as they watched us fucking.It was a very sad day when the weather changed and it was too cold to go to
the beach but I still managed to meet guys at West Street in the late fall
and winter months and if that didn't work there was the cruisy park in
central Laguna or the UCI bathrooms and the nearby Junior Colleges.I had a lot of fun during Grad School. The cruising and the sex were
great, but the most exciting and satisfying time happened on Easter Sunday
of 1980. April 4th was a gorgeous hot day that year, the first in a long
time. I was almost finished with Grad School and I was in the mood for
some boy-play so it seemed an ideal day to head for West Street Beach.I got to the beach around noon that day and it was already packed with my
favorite eye-candy, young guys in well-packed Speedos, just like mine. I
found one of the few unoccupied spots, set myself up, oiled myself up for
the burning sun, and like everyone else on the beach I was still looking
rather pale with only the slightest hint of last year's tan line. Of
course I didn't young couples porn even think of a sunburn, my mind and my cock were on a
completely different wave-length - I wanted to meet a hot guy who would
take me home or who I could take to my home Handsome young
who would let me fuck him for
hours. I was still young enough that I could come at least three times,
more if put to the test. In fact I used to have a running joke with my
bath-house buddy that we could not leave until I had fucked at least five
guys and come in all of them. Sometimes my buddy would be dead tired due
to the lateness of the hour and the sex and he'd be looking for me pointing
to the clock and I'd say I have to fuck my fifth guy. Ah youth.So having gotten settled I decided to check out the surf. Sometimes if you
didn't find someone on the beach removing your Speedos once you got in the
water and swimming with them around your neck could persian young sex lead to all kinds of
surprising and wonderful action. I swam around for a little while with my
hard dick freely hanging out for any guy young ls teen to swim by and suck for as long as
he could stay under water. I didn't get off that way but it sure was fun.In April the Pacific Ocean even in southern California can be pretty brisk
so I didn't last that long in the water. Carefully putting my Speedo back
on and youngest girl tgp trying to conceal my hardon (Speedos do a very poor job of hiding a
fully engorged cock) I attempted to surreptitiously return to my towel.
I'm afraid I got a few knowing glances and when I sat down I noticed a guy
I hadn't seen since college some eight years before. I had never really
been attracted to him and had never considered the possibility of his being
Gay but here we were on a well known Gay beach in the midst of a very large
group of Gay holiday makers and of course we recognized each other, started
chatting and catching up and he introduced oldmen young teens me to his group of young girls bra house guests
who were in Laguna for the Easter weekend and one of these houseguests was
someone I became very interested in. His name was Brian and he had
actually been in my class at college but I young tarts
had never met him. Boy did we
connect because he was just as interested in me as I was in him.The guys invited me to bring my stuff over to join their group and of
course I set right down next to Brian. At first we just chatted with each
other, then we started touching each other and kissing in full view of the
circle and the rest of the beach and then we moved to stroking each other's
cocks in our Speedos. Both of us were totally turned on we knew that we
would have to stop this or things would really get out of hand.At this point we were both going crazy. The host of the house party
expected his guests to go out to dinner so we really couldn't do much but
ogle each other until the dinner party was over. Once it was over however
I asked him back to my house which I shared with three other straight
students, and I wasn't out to them, so I figured out a way to sneak him up
to my room on the second floor, closed the door and we stripped each other
while locked in a deep tongued kiss. We could not wait to get our mouths
on each other's dick and when we did we went at each other like animals.
It was so hot but 69 is fun as an young fucking chics appetizer but my real passion is the main
course and young rough sex
having lubed up his ass and my cock fortunately Brian was the
bottom I had been looking for that day and I was the top he had been hoping
for. The first time we must have fucked for a good half hour and the sun
burns we had gotten in that hot April afternoon now glowed angrily with the
pain that usually accompanies them. We didn't have tan lines we had burn
lines. But at this point we did not care. The fucking was so good for
both of us and we had to stifle our cries of pleasure for fear of waking
the housemates. We fell asleep in each other's arms but after a couple of
hours my hardon had returned to full strength and youngest pornstars I was ready to go again,
so was he. Then we slept another two hours but I was so hot for Brian this
time I entered his welcoming asshole without asking and came in his
butthole once again. A few hours later this time he was sore and it was
time to go.At this point in my life in spite of my truly randy behavior I was still
quite closeted to most straight people so I maintained a pretence of
respectability so believe it or not since there was a balcony off my
bedroom from which you could climb down to the street so believe it or not
I made this very hot and satisfying trick use the Don Giovanni exit. But I
had had a wonderful time. Two tears later when I was working in San
Francisco he called me out of the blue and invited me to spend the weekend
with him. But that's another story.Comments to
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